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We work with leaders in the fields of data protection, authentication and perimeter security to protect your organisation and manage any threats with the most effective security systems.


We lead in the field of network analysis and supervision, and wireless products to find innovative solutions to improve your technology infrastructure.

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Our Professional Services Team, Kaon SecurITy, has extensive industry experience and provides a range of IT security services within New Zealand and Australia.

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Privileged Password Management - Pitfalls to consider

Maintaining a complex, frequently updated password process is a basic security best practice for protecting privileged accounts in your organization. But if passwords are such a no-brainer, why do statistics show that two out of three data breaches tie back to poor password management?


SIEM matures, however landscape changes.

Organizations must provide access to the information that today's diverse and increasingly mobile work force needs while protecting it from cybersecurity risks and meeting regulatory compliance requirements. 


How Smart is Your Network?

Today organisations are increasingly dependent on the performance of their business applications – which, in turn, depend on the performance of their network. It is no longer enough to just keep the network up and running.