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Our Professional Services Team, Kaon SecurITy, has extensive industry experience and provides a range of IT security services within New Zealand and Australia.

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2014: The Year Encryption Comes of Age

Even a couple of years ago, the word “cloud” didn’t really mean much to people outside of the tech industry. Today, thanks to companies like Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Google, everyone talks about the cloud as if it has been part of their vocabulary forever. I am going to go out on a limb here but don’t be surprised if encryption catches on the same way in the next year or two. Like the cloud, it will likely mean different things to different people, but it will become part of the vocabulary.


The Security Improvement Cycle

IT Policies are not a universal panacea for ensuring systems always remain secure.  They are however a key step and contributor to a dynamic lifecycle which ensures that an organisation is constantly reviewing and modifying activities and procedures in order to be certain that security controls don't loosen over time.  


The Source of Truth

Active Directory is a well-known, highly used, highly reliable, and powerful directory service that is for most organisations now the primary source of truth for user and device identity. Since the introduction of Active Directory by Microsoft in 2000, organizations around the world have implemented it to be the standard for management of their Windows infrastructure.